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Integrated Children's System

Closure Record

The Closure Record summarises the impact of actions and services provided to a child and family, and the evidence that supports the decision to close a case. This is used when it is planned to cease work with a child or young person and family.

View Integrated Children's System Closure Record (PDF format)

Completing a Closure Record

A Closure Record should be completed on all cases that progress beyond an Initial Assessment. The Closure Record should detail the services and interventions provided to a child or young person and their family since the previous review or assessment and record the reasons for the case being closed.

Key Features

  • Reason for social services involvement

    This records a brief summary of why services were provided to the child or young person. It may include the reason the child or young person was originally referred to social services, the outcome of assessments in addition to any needs identified during the time that services were provided.

    For example, the closure Record on Gail Reeve, aged 5 years, recorded:

Reason for Social Services Involvement

Gail’s mother, Ms Reeve, contact social services for support following the premature birth of Gail’s brother, Mark, on 22nd January 2001. Ms Reeve had recently moved into the area and had no local support and was finding it difficult to cope. An initial assessment identified that Gail would benefit from contact with other children and sponsored childminding was arranged. In March 2001 Ms Reeve was admitted to hospital with acute depression. Emergency foster care was arranged before Gail and Mark were placed with maternal grandparents in Lincolnshire. Assistance with funding for contact was provided during this period. A core assessment was undertaken and a package of support put in place to support Gail and her brother following Ms Reeve’s discharge from hospital in May 2001.

  • Details of social work interventions since assessment/admission/last review

    This records the dates that the child or young person and other family members were seen. For care leavers up to their 19th birthday dates of all contact with the young person, including letter and telephone contact should be recorded.

  • Review of planned actions

    This section records the outcome of the actions and services contained within the plan for the child or young person, along with the impact of any unplanned services. All services received by the child/young person should be considered, including actions to be taken by the child or young person and their family. The actual level of services received should be recorded.

    The Closure Record follows the domains of the Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families. Each of the child/young person’s developmental dimensions are specified. There are also sections on Birth Family: Parenting Capacity and Birth Family: Environmental Factors and Corporate Parent: Parenting Capacity and Corporate Parent: Environmental Factors.

  • Reason for Closure:

    This records why it has been decided to close the case at this time.

    For example, the closure Record on Gail Reeve, aged 5 years, recorded:

Reason for Closure

Support to Gail and Ms Reeve included child minding, short beak care and support from a Homestart volunteer. The review held on 27th October 2001, heard that Mark was making satisfactory progress in all areas of his development and Ms Reeve was in good health. Ms Reeve had made links in the community, including local mother and baby group. Short break care was discontinued and it was agreed that social services would cease involvement in February 2002, as Gail started school. A review was held prior to closure and as progress had continued in all areas closure was confirmed. Ms Reeve and Homestart aware that they can get back in contact with social services if further support required.

  • Views of child/young person

  • Views of parent(s)/main carer(s)

    The plan to close the case should be discussed with the child or young person and their parent(s)/main carer(s), prior to closure to enable them comment on whether they think that closure is appropriate at this time. It may also provide the family with an opportunity to comment on the services they have received.

  • Signatures

    The closure record should be signed by the child or young person and their parents, who should be provided with a copy of the record.

By Steve Walker, David Shemmings and Hedy Cleaver
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