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Review Form

The Children Act 1989 Regulations and Guidance requires the care provided to children and young people to be reviewed at regular intervals. Volumes 3 and 4 of the Regulations and Guidance specify the frequency and content of statutory reviews and who should be involved.

The Review Form provides a framework for gathering the necessary information prior to the review.

Using the Review Form

The Review Form can be seen as having two parts. In the first part the practitioner records the main areas of progress achieved since the child or young person became looked after, or since the last review, any new issues or significant changes in the child and/or family's situation which have arisen since the last review. Areas where progress has been partly or not attained should also be recorded.

Prior to discussions with the child or young person's parents, carers and other key individuals will help the practitioner to identify which issues should be discussed in the review meeting.

The second part of the review form provides an agenda for the review meeting and an opportunity for the practitioner to bring issues to the attention of the review chair. A space is then provided to record the discussion and the key decisions taken at the review meeting.

The Review Form is only a part of the review process and it will be important for the practitioner to gather information from a variety of sources.

Example review form for children in need
from the Integrated Children's System
(Microsoft Word format)
Example review form for child protection
from the Integrated Children's System
(Microsoft Word format)
Example form for looked after review
from the Integrated Children's System
 (Microsoft Word format)




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