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Exercise 1: Step 2

Law into practice 1:
general principles of recording and data protection

Test your knowledge

1. Jot down as many reasons as you can for keeping records?

2. What is the main legislation that relates specifically to records, access and data protection - is there a Freedom of Information Bill in the UK?

3. Is there a difference between records kept in manual files and those held on computer?

4. Which agencies are covered by the legislation?

5. Are foster carers' records covered in the legislation?

6. Can you alter a record, once you've written it?

7. What does the legislation say about the use of jargon or coded language?

8. List (or guess!) as many of the Principles of Data Collection as you can (hint: they relate to the circumstances when you are allowed to keep records)?

9. What does the legislation say about how organisations must communicate its Data Protection Policies to the public (including services users, patients etc.)?

10. What is the legal term for the 'person you keep a record about'?

Now compare your answers with ours

By Steve Walker, David Shemmings and Hedy Cleaver
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