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File components
Clare White aged 16

Residential file components


Clare became looked after when she was aged 13 following a breakdown in her relationship with her father who has longstanding problems with alcohol misuse. Clare's mother died when she was 10 and there are no extended family members with whom she could live. Clare was initially placed with foster carers, but found this difficult and after three months asked to move to a residential home, where she settled well.

Based on this information identify which of the formats you would expect to find in Clare's file in the Residential Unit. To place a format in the file tick the box next to the format.

Now compare your answers to ours.


Referral and Initial Information Record
Initial Assessment Record
Core Assessment Record
Contact Sheets
Detailed Records
Essential Information Record Part 1
Essential Information Record Part 2

Placement Plan Part 1 - Placement Agreement

Placement Plan Part 2 - Day to Day Arrangements
Care Plan
Review Form
Assessment and Action Record
Case Summary
Pathway Plan






By Steve Walker, David Shemmings and Hedy Cleaver
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