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File components (Integrated Children's System)
Aisha Nanko aged 7

Fieldwork file components


Aisha has been known to social services since birth. Both her parents have longstanding mental health difficulties. The family was provided with an intensive package of family support, including day care, and planned and unplanned respite care.

Despite all the support provided concerns remained about Aisha's welfare and the local authority applied and was granted a care order with respect to Aisha eight months ago.

For the last six months Aisha has been placed with prospective adopters, Mr and Mrs Harkishin, although her parents are opposed to this plan and would like Aisha returned to their care.

Based on this information identify which of the formats you would expect to find on the child's file. To place a format in the file tick the box next to the format.

Now compare your answers to ours.

Referral and Information Record
Initial Assessment Record
Core Assessment Record
Child's Plan
Contact Sheet
Detailed Record
Placement Information Record
Care Plan (part 1)
Care Plan (part 2)
Review Record
Assessment and Progress Record
Case Summary
Record of Strategy Discussion
Outcome of Section 47 Enquiries Record
Initial Case Conference Report
Pathway Plan
Adoption Plan
Closure Record


By Steve Walker, David Shemmings and Hedy Cleaver
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