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What constitutes the record?
Sunil Aktar aged 1


Sunil is the only child of Sunita (19) and Dev (20). Although the local authority has had no recent contact with Dev he is well known to it, having been looked after by the local authority between the ages of 9 and 15 years.

Sunil was referred to social services two months ago by the local hospital because of concerns about bruising to his face present on either side of his mouth. Sunil said that she might have caused the bruising when trying to get Sunil to take his food.

A child protection conference was held and Sunil's name was placed on the child protection register. The child protection plan included Sunita's attendance at a parenting skills class run at the local Health Centre.

Based on this information what do you think will constitute the record on this child?

Compare your response with ours

By Steve Walker, David Shemmings and Hedy Cleaver
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